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Saturday, February 7, 2009

An African Feast

I have to take a moment to tell you about the meal we just had. First let me say that our arrival in Cape Town was relatively smooth and the city seems absolutely beautiful. Through e-mail contact I talked with a man named Remo Belluco who works at a restaurant called Africa Café. He invited us to dinner and even though we arrived with just enough time to hail a cab to the establishment, it was such a great experience. The Africa Café is situated in Cape Town’s central business district and boasts foods from around the continent. Upon arrival Remo gave us a grand tour of the place which has themed rooms for different African cultures and countries. Each room was more exquisite than the previous one and the ambiance of the place really captured John and me. Then we were able to eat the food and it was really mind-blowing. Our delightful waitress Portia delivered succulent dishes from all over the region including Mozambique and far-away Morocco. Each dish was delightful and came out in a pre-fixed menu style. This was a great way to try different things and we definitely felt stuffed at the end of the ordeal, but stuffed with a new appreciation of African culture and food. 
To make the evening even more perfect was the fact that the wait staff gets together towards the end to dance and sing through the restaurant. Normally these things do not appeal to me because they seem forced and corny, but this definitely was not that way. The people dancing were doing it because of their excitement with the cultures they represented and the feel of the restaurant. Later, Remo informed us that they actually stopped the entertainment portion and brought it back and their request. I am glad they did as it really was a perfect cap to the event.

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