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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reflections from the Edge of the World

I stood at the edge of the world today. I would say quite literally too, as I’ve never felt more “at world’s end” as I did today. We drove down to the Cape of Good Hope and stood on this cliff at the SouthWestern most edge of the African continent. I paid a bit of attention in history class and knew the crazy history of European explorers and the tumultuous times they had navigating the area. 
Naturally, standing there was an incredible experience. You could see the desert-like, yet green mountains and terrain and the rocky-ness of the shore. It was so dramatic that I found myself standing there, staring in the direction of Antarctica thinking about the meaning of life. It was definitely one of those incredible moments and I instantly thought of people in my life that I care about who I would love to take there to experience the same thing.

The whole day has actually been incredible and a perfect welcoming to Cape Town. We had two fabulous guides from a local Destination Management Company called Springbok Atlas. We woke up and were hurtled to a “surprise” that ended up being rides down to Hout Bay in side cars of a motorcycle. There was honestly no better way to explore the coast of Cape Town and I must say it was pretty incredible. I am instantly, at every moment, thrown back into a stupor. This country is ridiculously beautiful, everywhere I seem to go.
After feeling like we were going to fall off the edge of the world we had a lovely seafood lunch right on the bay and discovered a delightful little town called Simon’s Town where there was a cute penguin colony. I’m not really sure why humans have such fascinations with penguins, but seeing them in their colony had me feeling immensely appreciative of them as well. You just want to take one home and have it be your friend. It’s quite bizarre.

Of course the day wouldn’t quite have been perfect without some wine, and luckily we were able to experience a wine tasting at a very old winery called Groot Constantia. We toured their facilities and were able to sit down and have a proper tasting of five of their wines. They were all delicious and I was very disappointed to find out they are having distributor problems in the US. I’m going to have to order it online or just wait until I get back to Cape Town. More reasons to come back, though.
Tonight we’re having dinner in the gay village with two guys, Adriaan and Newton, from www.hotpinkdeals.co.za. They have been an immense help to us in the planning of our trip here and I’m incredibly excited to meet them and discover more of the area.
Seriously, though, if you ever get the chance to stand at the edge of a continent, look out over a dramatic landscape that’s dramatic in history and really reflect on your life you’ll know why life is so amazing.

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