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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday Night in Cape Town

Last night I decided to venture out on the city by myself and see what Cape Town has to offer in terms of gay nightlife. I have to say the evening started out splendidly with an amazing cab ride. I know that sounds odd, but seriously – I had this spectacular cab driver. We quickly established that I was from the states and was interested in politics (of course Obama came up quickly). We had a really cool chat about Mandela and how he drummed up excitement for politics in the country and how Obama is doing similar things for the US. Very invigorating discussion and then we entered the small gay-village of Cape Town called De Waterkant. He showed me where the boundaries are of the gay area and streets I shouldn’t walk down. Then he made sure I had the cab company’s phone number before I left. I felt very taken care of and entered The Loft with a very happy feeling for the friendly people in Cape Town.
The Loft was a very hip place. It was lounge-like and I could easily have seen a similar bar in a cosmopolitan-down-to-earth American city like Chicago or San Francisco. People were milling about and social and I met a cranky British gay (who was appalled that Cape Town was much less posh than his favorable London), a fun-loving girl with her gay friend who was German, but now a local. Very eccentric characters, and I must say that is the number one attribute I look for when meeting new people. The crowd was slightly older than I thought it would be, but not as old as where I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The bar emptied somewhat early though and it seemed people were headed to a bar/club on the corner called The Bronx (bar on the first floor) and Navigaytion (club on the second floor). I was feeling tired from the day’s travel, but I thought I would pop in to check it out. I only explored the first floor, but it was shoulder to shoulder and had a very good vibe. Dancing, talking, drinking – the place oozed fun and I was sad I was feeling tired. Still, to bed I went and vowed to explore more later in the trip.

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