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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dumplings, Empty Gay Bars and a Chinese Child - a Monday Night in Shanghai

Last night I ate amazing dumplings. Being in Pudong, we went to this massive shopping mall to a traditional dumpling restaurant. An odd place to be, the mall was a testament to the Chinese economy and made the shopping back in the US look trivial.

The restaurant was family style and our Shangainese friend Stella showed us the proper way to eat one. 1. You tear a teeny whole in it with your teeth over a soup spoon. 2. You pour the soup that's inside the dumpling into the spoon. 3. Dip the dumpling in soy sauce and/or vinegar. 4. Place it in your mouth followed by drinking the soup. It's amazing. The whole meal was a Chinese feast and was pretty spectacular.

Afterwards, Landon and I decided to check out another gay bar called Frangipani. It was empty but played great music and we got free drinks for college night :). The bar-runner was a peppy guy who seemed so happy with the world around him that you couldn't help but feel good.

Then we decided to check out the neighborhood and walk by The People's Square at night. Again, the city just presented itself as beautiful and majestic at night. The Shanghai Grand Theatre made me fall in love. A city that puts performing arts on such a pedestal is an amazing place.

In front of the theater, a little boy ran up to us with a "Ni hao" and a smile. He then proceeded to talk - but we of corse had no clue what he was saying. The two men in business suits behind us almost seemed to send hin to us for something, but it was again not easy to figure out. The boy's good natured smile made it appear benign.

So then we hopped in a cab and called it a night. As the week progresses we'll have to see what else the city has in storefor us.

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