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Friday, July 3, 2009

Highlights of our recent GLBT Fam Trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen

from our partner gaysweden.blogspot.com

We recently came back from an incredible fam trip that the folks in Copenhagen and Stockholm put together for a group of us. From this trip, we will be able to keep you up-to-date on some of the hottest trends and events coming from this exciting part of the world.

Our trip took us from Malmo in the south of Sweden, where we dined out, explored gay nightlife and even enjoyed a bike ride through the heart of the city, to Copenhagen, where we had the opportunity to both discover the city by day and by night!

On top of all that, the graduation tradition of this region was happening simultaneously, so we got some excellent side footage of young Danes partying like you've never seen young adults party before... they rent out trucks, get drunk (with a designated driver) and parade through the city for days on end, stopping in various squares and parks throughout the city and just plain old getting crazy. Good times... we'll be posting some footage on that as well.

Our trip then took us for a weekend in Stockholm... as we continued to travel north, the sun became ever brighter, setting close to midnight and back again by 3 am. It's quite an experience to leave a club at 4 am to a full sun!

In Stockholm, we toured the museum housing the Vasa ship, as well as explored all throughout the city including some of its various waterways. We also explored Old Town Stockholm by day and some incredible clubs by night, including the mixed F12 and the gay Paradise and Patricia (both close to each other and nearby our Hilton Hotel).

So stay tuned... each week we'll be posting various detailed highlights of this trip, as well as updated information from some of our key content partners including QX Magazine, the folks at Stockholm Pride and our new friends from the Gay Stockholm Business Network.


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