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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nightlife in Stockholm: Patricia

Who would have thought that one of the most fun gay nightlife experiences in Stockholm would be called Patricia!? Patricia, one of the oldest gay clubs in the world, is situated on a multi-level boat nearby Slussen and is the place to be on Sundays both winter and summer. There are several bars, dance floors, a restaurant and a casino on board this former English ship, with one of the dance floors outdoors on the open deck.

Among the different scenes were a small hip-hop bar and a large dance floor and light show featuring house and techno. But my favorite was the upstairs lounge which played Swedish pop and disco favorites of the last 30 years. It was packed with gay people of all kinds singing along to their Swedish favorites. If you've ever wanted to hear all the Swedish contributions to the Eurovision Song Contest, this is the place for you! And if you have an impression of the Swedes as entirely a dour and serious folk, spending some time on the Patricia will certainly expand your understanding.

It's like a gay-themed episode of "Love Boat" and is THE place where Sweden's biggest gay icons perform and party with their fans, including Abba and Ace of Base. Every Sunday night the hostess Babsan is entertaing; joking with the crowd and maybe singing one of her infamous hits. On special nights, Patricia also has theme parties such as Pirates, Christmas in July and a Foam Party. The food is great if you decide to dine, and the staff is really cute and friendly.

So come on down, party like a real Swede on the dance floor and come up for air to mingle and meet the handsome boys on both sides of the boat. Be sure to take your disco nap so you can climb up to the roof and watch the sun rise with all of your new friends, as you'll be dancing all night long until closing at 5 a.m, while watching the summer sun rise over Stockholm. Just remember...even though the sun has risen the night is still young.

Stadsgårdskajen 152, Stockholm

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