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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Even the sunsets are pink in Cape Town!

by Brian Kruger, Cape Info Africa

The sun sets over an azure sea with shades of pink that defy description and can only be captured second best in a picture. As this happens, the Mother City awakens from the afternoon siesta to the sound of crockery clattering around various kitchens, from the most boisterous eateries to the sophisticated clinking of cutlery from any of the most sophisticated world class venues.

And all this is just an hour into your journey. What other delights are there to inspire you, make you fall in love or just while away the hours with a good book on a crisp white sandy beach.

Cape Town is a city of great contrasts from the ragged peaks of the surrounding mountains to the edifice of Table Mountain as it watches over this cosmopolitan playground. But one of the greatest features of the City is its liberal attitude. It’s a melting pot of cultures and makes for a rich diversity of experiences.

In between all this hustle and bustle a thriving gay life is also at hand to tease and titivate even the most jaded tourist. There is always something new around the next corner. From the intimacy of the gay and gay friendly restaurants to the throbbing beats found in an assortment of bars and clubs which are all located within walking distance of each other.

Even for the single traveler this city has much to offer. The locals welcome foreigners with open arms ready to discover and explore other cultures. There is a huge choice of accommodation as well which will suit any tourist. Gay owned and operated guest houses and boutique hotels to the ultimate in 5 star luxury of the Waterfront hotels all are there for the taking thereby catering to all tastes and budgets.

The City also plays host to a number of gay events throughout the year from Gay Pride in February to the annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival which takes place around September each year.

This year another festival has been planned to once again place Cape Town at the forefront of gay tourism in Africa and dare we say the world at large.

The Rainbow Festival will be a 5 day event that begins with a street carnival and massive circuit party to bus tours in the picturesque winelands, a boat cruise and culminates in a beach picnic to end off the festivities. It promises to deliver a world class experience and hopefully will grow into a yearly celebration of gay culture. This year is the 60th anniversary of the release of the Wizard of Oz and has been chosen as the theme for the Festival in honour of this iconic film.

Then, as if this wasn’t enough, a Gay Lifestyle Expo – the first of its kind anywhere in the world – is planned for April 2010. So as you can see it’s not just the Soccer World Cup it’s the golden chalice that awaits you then. This expo will encompass all that makes up for our lifestyles from d├ęcor to fashion, cars and everything else in between too.

I have just scraped the tip of the iceberg here, so make that booking now to come and see for yourself! Then you won’t have to gaze at a picture of those famous pink sunsets – you can see it for yourself and take your own pictures that will remind you of the pinkest sunsets you’re ever likely to see.

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