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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HomoSphere and New Caledonia Tourism Rolled out Gay Welcome Mat for FAM

When in Rome...When in the Paris of the South Pacific, you feel like you're in Gay Paree!

The first-ever gay media and travel agent's educational trip to New Caledonia saw 8 lucky men and women descend on the French Territory for 72 hours.

Air Calin and New Caledonia Tourism, both IGLTA members, hosted the FAM, which included 2 agents and 6 publications from Australia – which is less than 3 hours east of Sydney.

The guests toured Noumea, the French and English speaking capital, including the Melanesian Culutral Centre, a noted architectural wonder in the South Pacific. There was a day trip to the romantic hideaway Isle of Pines, and the evening was topped off at Mv Lounge which has a sign that welcomed the Ausdtralian delegation and Homo-sphere, which hosted a cocktail party for the group at its new community centre.

If Captain Cook could find it, and American soliders during the war, you can find it on your bucket list too.  The IGLTA Fam Trip to Australia's Gold Coast in March 2011 will have a post-option for 3 days in Noumea - just a 2 hours flight from Brisbane.

The only hiccup in the fine-tuned itinerary was a 1.5 hr delay in return flight from Isle of Pines to
Noumea. After a hard day of snorkeling, site inspections, and devouring a large lobster for lunch, Sean and Dee re-defined the meaning of a “layover” on the tiny terminal's lawn
Yes, there's a bit of gay paree in the south pacific, waiting to be discovered by international lesbian and gay travellers. Curious? Check out RainbowTourism's New Caledonia features, penned by IGLTA co-founder, Dee Farrell.   

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